Government of Ontario

Help Signing In

  1. New customers and existing customers with non-restricted accounts under old system

  2. From the sign in page you can create a new account by clicking the Create Account button (as shown in the image below) and following the system prompts. Please note: for users who had accounts in the old eCommerce system, your old account order history will not appear under your new account.

    Once your new account is created, you can sign in on your next visit using the Returning Customers section.

  3. Customers with Restricted Accounts

  4. For those customers with restricted access accounts set up by Publications Ontario and who order online, an email has been sent to you. It outlines information pertaining to a “one-time sign in” process which is required to register and access your new account. To get started with the one-time “sign in” process click here. Before you begin, you will need your old eCommerce system User ID and the one-time code provided in the email to complete this process. Note the system will only allow one attempt.

    If you have not received any communication relating to the one-time “sign in” and you have a restricted account, please call the Contact Centre and they will help you register and set up your account.

    If you choose to set up a new account without following the process mentioned above, you will not have access to your previous order history and the special rules associated with your account won’t be applied. However, if you would still like to set up a new account, you can simply create one by following the instructions above for new customers. If you are having difficulty, please reach out to our Contact Centre at 416-326-5300 or toll-free at 1-800-668-9938.